Creating a React Toolchain from Scratch. Part2.

Some time ago in an interview, the interviewer asked me about Clean Code, Good Practices and some kind of questions about how to keep our code understandable and maintainable for everyone in the team, so one tool come to my mind: “Eslint”. Yes, yes, I know that “Clean Code” is more than code format and envolve a lot of rules that dictate the way to keep a code, clean. But Eslint allow us to follow the standard conventions and ensure the same code style throught all the project and this contributes with the code readability and understability, and they are part of the clean code concept because a clean code is a code easy to understood and maintain by a developer other than its original autor.

In this second part, I want to show you how to configure Eslint in our toolchain created from scratch and it is the second part of a serie of tutorials. Here you can find the Part#1. So, let me started.

Step #1. Clone the repository Creating a React toolchain from scratch, to do this we are going to run the command:

clone the repository

go to the folder “react-toolchain-scratch” on your Command Line Terminal (CLT) and install de project’s dependencies.

the result must be the project made in the first part of this tutorial series, if you want to test if the project is working correctly you can run de script

a new tab of your default browser is open




Full Stack Web Developer

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Alien Padilla Rodriguez

Alien Padilla Rodriguez

Full Stack Web Developer

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